Microsoft Hmong Translator Launch

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, Phong Yang visited with the Microsoft Research team responsible that helped develop the translator for Hmong. The team officially launch version one of the Hmong translator tool during the Mother of Language’s Day, an event celebrating under-represented languages. Hmong Daw “Hmong Dawb” is now one of 38 languages that are fully supported by Microsoft. Although the translator is still in its infant stage, there is no doubt that the translator will improve over time with contributions from the Hmong community. This is a historical event for the Hmong community and for the Hmong language. The community can help improve the translator by using it and providing feedback. Read more about this.

Hmong is the 38th language supported by Microsoft










Left to right: Dr. Will Lewis, Principal Program Manager; Phong Yang; Dr. Tony Hey, MS Corporate VP; Dr. Kristin Tolle, Director of Natural User Interactions

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