The Hmong Translator Project started in November 2011 and is a collaborative effort between the Microsoft Research team and the Hmong community.

Of the approximately 7,000 languages in the world, less than 100 of them have automated instant translation capabilities. Microsoft Research Connections recognizes that there is a need to support the grassroots efforts to produce automated translation for the Hmong community.


The objective of this project is to produce an automated translator for Hmong to English and English to Hmong. The translator will be available to the community and anyone who wishes to explore the Hmong language.


The goal for this project is to preserve Hmong by making it more accessible to communities around the world. We hope that the translator will serve as a probe to build awareness for the language as well as increase its usage among Hmong communities worldwide.

The future

Imagine receiving a letter in English in the mail and being able to generate a translation in Hmong.

Imagine being able to translate not just between Hmong and English but Hmong and other languages such as French, Spanish,Lao, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, German, etc… at the click of a mouse. This tool could help us bridge Hmong communities from the world.

The team who works diligently on this project hopes that the resulting product will open many doors for the use of Hmong in the very near future.


Although we are currently working on White Hmong only, there is plan to work on a same translator for Green Hmong once we are able to establish an acceptable foundation for the translator.

This project is in its infant stage only and much tuning is still needed for the translator to perform at an adequate and acceptable level. If you would like to contribute your effort, skills, and knowledge to this project, please contact us. This is a community project and we would like you to get involved.